Our College Commitments

Monday, October 4, 2021
The Eastend Baseball Academy is proud to announce another college commit. Jack Halloran is considered one of the top hitters on Long Island. Jack starts his college career at Emory University, an Atlanta campus with 400 varsity student-athletes who compete in 19 NCAA Division III teams. "Jack's an outstanding player who has dedicated himself to his studies and his game! Jack is one of a kind player and a true lead-by-example guy! Good luck Jack gonna miss you bud," says Jason Galbraith, former St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher and head coach at Suffolk Community College. Galbraith has coached Halloran since 2016. This month on our social media, we will be making more collegiate commit announcements, including Ryan Miller to Norwich University, Tucker Shiavoni to Roanoke College, Nate Demchak to Baruch College, and Joe Reale to Suffolk County Community College. We are extremely proud of these student-athletes.