Focus and Composure

Sunday, May 23, 2021
For the EEBA athlete to excel in competition, they must be in control of their emotions and remain in control after mistakes are made. All athletes make mistakes, its part of the game. Composed athletes can remain calm under pressure situations and the best coached are able to raise their level of performance during tough competition. Composure can be coached, but also is part of a players upbringing and parental atmosphere at home. A successful athlete must quickly let go of errors and control their emotions after a setback. Setbacks happen all the time; a missed grounder, a walked batter or getting shelled on the bump in the first inning. Even the best athletes in the world get upset by mistakes but they do not dwell on it. They do not linger on frustration or lose their focus. EEBA coaches do their best to instruct a sense of inner composure and confidence that will enable our athletes to perform during the good innings and the bad. We ask our parents to reinforce this off the field as well. #morethanbaseball